Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pro Life Campaigner Caught With His Pants Down

Edmonton, March 17 2011

Bill Whatcott, a well known Pro Life activist was literally caught with his pants down this week in a public washroom in Edmonton. A staff member at the Stony Plain branch of the Edmonton Municipal Library forwarded the following account.
   "Whatcott was observed masturbating while performing oral sex on male library patrons. I watched over 15 men enter and leave the washroom in a short period. When I went to investigate, I found Bill Whatcott crouched in front of the urinals while a heavyset elderly man urinated in his mouth. I observed Mr. Whatcott consume the urine and then proceed to perform fellatio on the elderly gentleman. He stopped briefly to say to me, "Just hold on, I'll be right with you." As the gentleman orgasmed, Bill aimed the man's penis into a mason jar and collected the ejaculate. The 500 ml jar was almost three quarters full, indicating to me that Mr. Whatcott had been collecting from a large number of people. I asked Mr. Whatcott to leave the libary, but he refused to go until he had "finished saving the sinners", shaking the almost full jar at me. He then asked me if I was a sinner and would like to be saved. I politely refused and left to call the police. Mr. Whatcott, with his pants around his ankles, pursued me across the library begging to "save me", saying he had found the true way to redemption and that he wanted to "SAVE EVERY MAN IN THE WORLD!"

I personally don't believe that Bill would run across a public library naked, but he is by his own admission a skilled male prostitute, a criminal and a drug addict and has likely had sex with people under the age of 18. If, however, this is a true story, Bill has severely compromised his position as one of the pre-eminent pro life and pro-heterosexual leaders in this country. I think Bill needs to apologize for this story and beg God for forgiveness.

The title and first 2 paragraphs of this post are entirely fictitious and are in no way meant to be taken as true.

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